Friday, March 31, 2006

My Story In Brief

Danny Brown is a 50-year old man who lives in Toledo, OH. He was wrongly convicted in 1982 of the rape-murder of a woman with whom he had a casual acquaintance. Danny served 19 years for a crime he did not commit. Danny maintained his innocence throughout the investigation and trial, even to the point of rejecting a plea-bargain that could have freed him after serving one year in prison.

Throughout the trial, his belief in the ultimate triumph of truth gave him confidence that he would be vindicated. There was no physical evidence connecting Danny to the crimes, and circumstantial evidence was riddled with holes. However, a six-year old boy's inconsistent, often-contradictory testimony was enough to convince a jury to convict Mr. Brown of aggravated murder.

Danny continued to fight for his freedom during the nearly two decades spent behind bars. However, it wasn't until the DNA evidence was analyzed in the year 2000 that Danny was ultimately freed. The semen recovered from the victim was eventually tied to a convicted murderer named Sherman Preston. Ironically, at the time of the DNA identification, Preston was incarcerated for similar murders.

Danny Brown is free, but one quarter of his life has been stolen from him. He is taking classes at the University of Toledo with the hope of becoming a lawyer. He would like to work with troubled members of society, including at-risk youth and the incarcerated. However, "free" is a relative term; he has not been officially exonerated.

The Lucas County, OH prosecutor's office stubbornly refuses to rule him out as a suspect, and could conceivably retry the case; this despite intense recent media pressure. Danny Brown's demands are for those things any citizen would expect in such a situation:

1. Complete exoneration.
2. Formal apology from the government.
3. Compensation for the 19 years which have been taken from him.

For Anyone Who Wants To Help

Those who would like to further the cause of justice on Danny Brown's case can write Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates:

Julia Bates
Lucas County Courthouse
Adams and Erie Streets
Toledo, OH

Telephone: (419) 213-4700


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Welcome to Danny's Site!

We are developing a new web presence for Danny Brown. Check back soon for more information about Danny's attempt to fight the injustice he has been dealt, as well as postings of his writings and thoughts.